A New Generation of 3D

Import, Process, Visualize

For decades, 3D geometry processing has been dominated by huge ancient CAD products, a small number of well established 3D modelling packages and game engines. The former two usually build on a legacy of old technology and while the latter live on the cutting edge, they always have lacked geometry processing capability. We are here to fill that gap between ultra precise engineering data (CAD) and polygonal data (mesh) that is optimized for rendering.

Our products are build using the latest in usability research, architecture design and programming craft to bring you the next generation of 3D tools. By developing our technology stack from the ground up, new and easier workflows can be enabled and more powerful tools put into the hands of designers. And due to the SDK-like approach of our tech core, we’re able to both license it and quickly develop customized applications. This way you get exactly what you need to solve your use case instead of a one-size-fits-all compromise.