Moving from OpenGLES to Metal

I used the purchase of my iPad Pro as a welcome reason to finally develop a Metal API backend for my modeler code. I already had OpenGL 3.3., OpenGLES 2.0 and OpenGLES 3.0 renderers so adding a new one wasn’t … Read MoreRead More

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Not Shooting Yourself in the Foot – WPF Best Practices

I had been meaning to write this article for a while now. To preface it, let me say I love Microsoft’s WPF! There are some brilliant concepts in it and it is a joy to develop UIs with it. However, … Read MoreRead More

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IGES Update

After a couple more hours of work, the IGES importer now seems to work stable. I downloaded a couple of files from GrabCAD for testing purposes and they all seem to work! The only thing that is missing is a … Read MoreRead More

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IGES example file

Importer for IGES CAD File Format

Lately, I’ve been fiddling with writing an IGES CAD file format importer. I had written an IGES export a couple of years back so I have some experience with the format and although dated, it is still a widely used … Read MoreRead More

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Cubemap Reflections with OpenGL/GLSL

There haven’t been much updates lately but nonetheless, I have been busy! The mesh kernel now has a custom property system which among other things brings support for multiple UV sets and being able to choose if a vertex property … Read MoreRead More

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Quick port to iOS

Platform-Independence Done Right – or how to port your code to iOS in a day

Platform-independence is a funny thing: a lot of developers strive for it, although they will never needed it. I’ve experienced this a number of times in my professional life where someone didn’t want to use available system frameworks because they … Read MoreRead More

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COLLADA example file

Writing a Native COLLADA Import

The weather this weekend was appalling, so I “muggled in” as they say around here and got a bit side-tracked. For half a year, I have been relying on Assimp – the open asset import library – for loading COLLADA … Read MoreRead More

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Selection Highlight

Selections, Highlights and other useful things which are not fun to code

There are certain things when developing an application that are an absolute necessity from a user perspective but which are not fun to develop … thinking about it, that probably is true for all code that is not directly algorithm-related, … Read MoreRead More

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Alembic example file

How to Implement Alembic Support on OSX

Granted, this won’t be your typical coding how-to but due to the surprising lack of information on the net, I thought I name this post as such nonetheless. You see, I’ve been trying to add Alembic file format support to … Read MoreRead More

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Oculus Rift DK2

Guess what was in the mail today

Well, here it is: My own Oculus Rift. After working with a colleague’s DK1, my own DK2 arrived today. Unfortunately, there is no OSX SDK yet, so all I got to do with it was to try out the Tuscany … Read MoreRead More

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