Compass Pro Holding an iPad Pro

On the Hunt for a Great iPad Pro Stand

MacOS Catalina will bring one feature I’m pretty excited about: Sidecar, the ability to use your iPad as a second screen. I’ve got this awesome iPad Pro that even neatly fits the screen of my MacBook Pro 13″ size-wise, but … Read MoreRead More

View Frustum Manipulation to Produce Overdraw

This one belongs to the chapter “it’s the small things that count”: On a number of occasions, the area of user input is not the whole render area – or in other words – the render area is larger than … Read MoreRead More

GLTF Material Editing

GLTF Support and Material Editing

Recently, I’ve spent some time improving the material system. The main motivation for this was to get support for Physical Based Rendering and importing files in the GLTF format. Here are the first results: … Read More

Shapeflow OSX Screenshot

Shapeflow Update

I haven’t written any updates on Shapeflow itself in a while. The problem with developing a framework instead of just an application is that one often has a long stretch where no real progress is visible in the user interface. … Read MoreRead More

Tabbed NSDocument-based macOS Rendering

Advanced NSView Setup with OpenGL and Metal on macOS

I have been tweaking the UI code for the macOS variant of Shapeflow over the last couple of days. It’s surprisingly difficult to get rid of all the kinks and quirks. Two interesting aspects were how to get on-demand rendering … Read MoreRead More

Update of SVN/GIT policies

Over the last couple of months, I got some great feedback on my article about SVN/GIT policies. How to use a VCS “correctly” seems to be a hotly debated topic in pretty much every company and there are lots misconceptions … Read More

Successful branching strategies and commit policies for SVN/GIT

I remember reading a CVS book back in 2002 or so. It had a quote saying “coding without a versioning system is like parachuting without a parachute”. I always liked this quote as it captured what an essential role version control … Read MoreRead More


Creating 360 panoramas using PtGui and Affinity Photo

Well, here is something I wanted to do for a long time: create my own surroundings. And the first step for this is of course to create a 360/180 panorama image to use as an env-map. After some unsuccessful first … Read MoreRead More

Switzerland reconstruction of postal code regions using Openstreetmap

Reconstruction of postal code areas using Openstreetmap

As a quick side project, I’ve started working on the problem that postal code area information in Openstreetmap is often insufficient. Why? Because it’s a nice show case of how flexible the Core SDK is, allows me to stress test the 2D … Read MoreRead More

Metashape Architecture Renderlayout

Explaining the Render Layout Sub-System in Core SDK

The render layout sub-system in Core SDK is one of its central features. It helps compose multiple views or multiple output displays to a single consistent layout and is one of the reason why the SDK is so versatile. But it … Read MoreRead More