Update of SVN/GIT policies

Over the last couple of months, I got some great feedback on my article about SVN/GIT policies. How to use a VCS “correctly” seems to be a hotly debated topic in pretty much every company and there are lots misconceptions out there. Since the article proofed to be a good point of reference for starting a more in depth discussion, I’ve updated and extended it with some new points:

  • a short discussion on why most developers use their VCS more like a backup tool than a tool for collaboration
  • comparing regularly reading the commit log to reading the news paper
  • added a section on work-in-progress branches as a symptom of “no feature branches” policies
  • comparing the reasoning behind GIT rebase vs GIT merge

If you’ve got thoughts/feedback, please feel encouraged to send it to me. I’m particularly interested in anecdotes as experimental proof of why certain policies result in specific outcomes.

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