Second update video on tessellation posted

The second instalment in the dev update videos has just been published. In the last couple of weeks, work has mostly been focused around improving the tessellation quality and algorithm robust with some nice results. ISO-lines are now weighted higher than trim curve tessellation which results in a much nicer topological flow.

In other news:

  • Robustness has been improved both in the basic algorithm as well as in the underlying utility methods. A dedicated 3D projection handling has been added for surfaces of revolution which greatly improved the quality for spherical and cylindrical surfaces.
  • Tessellation behaviour for high tolerances (i.e. larger approximation error) has been improved which produces nicer low-poly meshes.
  • The Rhino3D import now supports instancing
  • Basic DropBox support has been added. It is currently import only and the UI still needs some work.
  • Added support for the new 2016 MacBook touch bar.
  • Importers now can optionally skip curve-geometry to only import surfaces.
  • Updated 3D Connexion Space Navigator support to recent SDK.

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